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Eradicating compromise
Your car's performance is currently limited through compromises. During manufacture allowance is made for the worst grade of fuels being used and the car going many miles without servicing. If you are prepared to service your car on time, Superchips can give you a better drive, you'll enjoy driving your car even more.

A better drive
We can improve the performance of most modern cars, including Non turbos, Turbos and Turbo diesels. You will find your car gives a sharper reaction, is more responsive and offers a smoother ride. In over 15 years of experience, some 12,000 cars have been superchipped. So there are a lot of drivers who can testify to the added pleasure. Our offer is simple. Change your car without changing your car.

Market leading products
Superchips have a reputation for being the best product of its kind due to the time, money and effort invested in our research and development. With 15 years of expertise we are the accepted industry authority on improving engine performance.

How is it done
Superchips are world leaders at reprogramming your car's on-board computer to enhance performance.
For any particular car, Superchips can reprogramme the information held on the computer's chip (hence our name) to optimise and improve power output without compromising fuel economy. The technical stuff Car manufacturer's call the on-board computer the Electronic Control Unit (the ECU). This monitors and controls ignition timing and the fueling across a range of driving conditions. The Superchip is programmed to adjust the timing and fuelling maps to optimise performance.